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There is actually another pair of slippers, but I’m saving that one for later. The bright flower ones are supposed to be mine, but Katelyn is wearing them. The Little piggies are supposed to be Katelyn’s, but Marissa is wearing them. I’m saving Marissa’s for Valentine’s Day! They’re really cute!


If you look close enough my husband tie has a bottle of champagne on it. I love this frame.

Click HERE for a closeup!

My husband made this toddler bed for one of the secratary’s grandson, that he works with.

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Katelyn’s my Girly Girl. She loves everything Pink, and Dora, so when I saw this at Home Depot I thought it would go perfect in her room!

I wanted to remember Marissa’s room as a pre-teen. Before she starts hanging posters of Teen idols, famous rock stars and teen heart throbs cover her wall.

We found this sign at a garage sale. Don’t you just love old vintage signs, especially if it’s a Pepsi sign!?

Here’s another pic I took with my Cell phone, because the batteries were dead on my digi cam.

This was especially cute with Valentine’s around the corner.

Sorry about the quality of the pic, I took it with my cell phone. It’s one thing to think about carrying a digital camera around with you everywhere you go, it’s another thing to do it! Just thought this Sunset was absolutely gorgeous. That’s one thing about AZ, our Sunsets are incredible.

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