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It sprinkled for about 5 minutes. I’m still waiting for it to rain, maybe later tonight. Nothing like yesterday!



These are the new shoes I got yesterday. Can you see the little pink ribbon? A portion from this sale goes to support Breast Cancer.


This will be Lindsey’s Easter Dress. I just love the flowers and the butterflies.


And these are the pretty scrapbook papers I am going to make for Lindsey’s First Birthday page.

This is the story of how George found his way into our home. The restaurant where I worked at up in Scottsdale, there was this girl who came from a very wealthy family in Paradise Valley. She had 3 other dogs allready, and her dad wouldn’t let her keep another. I have a sad story to tell about how I lost my dog, but I was so happy to take George in. She described how she picked him up along the freeway running with a pack of stray dogs. His furr was all matted with mud, and he was completely tick invested. By the time I picked him up, I was expecting him to be at death’s doorstep. She’d cleaned him up, and fed him. He was just a Happy Dog and liked the ride Home to our house. About a week later, we have a pine tree, and he got a pine needle stuck in between his toes. It swelled somthing horrible,and he got really sick. I took him to the vet, and the vet told me that it was very possible from being tick invested he had tick fever, and wouldn’t live more than a couple months. Well afther several very expensive blood tests, and more than a couple hundred dollars later, I was about 8 mos pregnant with Katelyn, and not working at that time, I couldn’t afford any more treatment for him, that we did the best we could. He’s almost 4 years old now, and just as happy to chase tennis balls and take treats from the kids.

He’s a great guard dog, you can ask the SRP guy!!

Yesterday while visiting Empress Bee’s Friday’s Feast she posted a pic of a chocolate covered orange, and Desert Songbird, suggested trying Trader Joe’s Orange Sticks. So I took a trip to buy some Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing, which they were all out of, and some Aromatherapy Refreshing Shampoo Orange and Grapefruit. Anyways, you can see the Orange slices are all ready half gone. The bad thing is these things ARE really good, and Extremely Addicting. The good thing is I’ve found chocolate the kids don’t like.

I took the girls to the library today, and here are a couple of pics I took. As many times as I’ve been to this library I’ve never seen this tree with it’s Autumn leaves in the background.

And everytime we go , the kids love to feed the ducks!

Snowball is my son Josh’s cat. He loves to sleep in Josh’s bed, and he loves to sleep on Josh’s head  pillow. Which in the morning he has completely taken over Josh’s bed. He follows Josh all around the house, and even tells Josh when it’s time to go to bed. Every night around 8:45. He has the best tempermant and is so lovable.

I made this candle holder for my son’s teacher. Very easy and inexpensive to make. Mostly dollar store items, except the candle and the ribbon.

Dinner was grilled salmon, fettucini and vegetables alfredo.

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I swear I almost ate the whole box, if my husband didn’t save me and took it away from me!