This is the story of how George found his way into our home. The restaurant where I worked at up in Scottsdale, there was this girl who came from a very wealthy family in Paradise Valley. She had 3 other dogs allready, and her dad wouldn’t let her keep another. I have a sad story to tell about how I lost my dog, but I was so happy to take George in. She described how she picked him up along the freeway running with a pack of stray dogs. His furr was all matted with mud, and he was completely tick invested. By the time I picked him up, I was expecting him to be at death’s doorstep. She’d cleaned him up, and fed him. He was just a Happy Dog and liked the ride Home to our house. About a week later, we have a pine tree, and he got a pine needle stuck in between his toes. It swelled somthing horrible,and he got really sick. I took him to the vet, and the vet told me that it was very possible from being tick invested he had tick fever, and wouldn’t live more than a couple months. Well afther several very expensive blood tests, and more than a couple hundred dollars later, I was about 8 mos pregnant with Katelyn, and not working at that time, I couldn’t afford any more treatment for him, that we did the best we could. He’s almost 4 years old now, and just as happy to chase tennis balls and take treats from the kids.

He’s a great guard dog, you can ask the SRP guy!!