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I thought this rose bush died in the frost we had a couple of months ago. Imagine how Wordless I was to see a rose blooming allready! YEAH, it’s not dead, it’s alive! Hopefully within the next couple months I’ll get some better shots.



Katelyn’s birthday was last Saturday, but since we were in California, we celebrated it today. Yes, I did cut her hair by 5in and donated her hair to Lockes of Love. I miss her pretty hair, but I can tell she’s happier with it cut.

Happy Birthday, Katelyn!



This is a nightstand my husband made out of Texas Mesquite from Austin,TX. He sprayed clear laquer and gloss on it. That’s the natural color of the wood. I really like the rustic look of it. Our neighbor told my husband to make 2 more and take them down to Scottsdale to see if some of the Western furniture stores might want to buy them.


It finally rained today! YAY! It felt really good, a nice rainstorm. It came down in buckets for a little bit. We really needed this. I tried to take a shot of the rain as it came off our garage. My husband said I didn’t have a fast enough shutter speed!

Since last week was Spring break, I’m cheating and posting Seven pictures from last week’s trip to California.

Josh at Newport Beach, CA!

One of the Lions at the San Diego Wild Animal Park!

One of my husband’s Aunts (he has 5), Josh and Katelyn at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Katelyn petting a deer.

I absolutely LOVE Bird of Paradise, and this was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

“Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.” -Oscar Levant   


Sorry this shot is a little blurry. We don’t call him ‘Speedy’ for nothing. He wouldn’t stay still to have his picture taken. I think we’ve had him almost a year. Here’s a pic of him, when we first got him.



What I don’t like about my bathroom is the ugly shade of green, which didn’t come out great. We’re remodeling the bathroom. We still need to put in a new tub and a new paint job. What I do love about it our my mosaic hooks. About finding pics to take for a color theme, I’m noticing that most of the colors in my house are Earth tones. Tan, beige, lt. green, green and brown.


Here’s a shot of my rosebush I planted back in January. I didn’t take a pic of it last month, because of the frost. I did lose a couple of the canes on the left. Isn’t something how last month it was freezing and this month it’s 90F! Here’s a shot of my rosebush in January.





Josh’ had a great day bowling yesterday! In two games he had 2 strikes and 5 spares. His first game he bowled a 95, and the second one you can see he did 107. His best is 108, so he almost beat his high game. In copying Marianne again, I hope that’s OK, following my ‘Green’ Theme, here’s a pic of my bowling ball, just waiting to be back on a leauge again!




Since the background on My Baby Spoon’s picture is green, I’m going to try and do a ‘Green’ theme week like Marianne’s doing her ‘Blue’ them. I don’t know too many people who don’t like Bath and Body Works. Coconut-Lime Verbena and Pink Grapefruit are my favorites!