Our new addition to the family. They are a pair of Quaker parrots.

See a bigger picture of them HERE.

They are so cute. Peanut can say ‘Step Up’, and when you ask him what a chicken says he clucks like a chicken. He’s 4 years old and likes females better. He’s the quieter of the two. The lady who rescued these two said he was her baby.

Kiwi, laughs and says ‘Good Boy, Peanut’. She doesn’t really like me very much, and is very protective of Peanut. She won’t let me come near him.

My husband’s family owned an African Grey growing up, and when I met him, he had a pair of Cockatiel.  It’s a sad story what happened to them, and I’ve wanted to buy him another pair, when he came across these who including cage, toys and food, would have cost the same. My husband couldn’t have been happier, he was like a kid with a new toy. Kiwi just loves him. They are adjusting well.