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What I don’t like about my bathroom is the ugly shade of green, which didn’t come out great. We’re remodeling the bathroom. We still need to put in a new tub and a new paint job. What I do love about it our my mosaic hooks. About finding pics to take for a color theme, I’m noticing that most of the colors in my house are Earth tones. Tan, beige, lt. green, green and brown.



Since the background on My Baby Spoon’s picture is green, I’m going to try and do a ‘Green’ theme week like Marianne’s doing her ‘Blue’ them. I don’t know too many people who don’t like Bath and Body Works. Coconut-Lime Verbena and Pink Grapefruit are my favorites!


I can’t believe I still have these. Southeren Girl had posted a pic of HER fork, and since I’m feeding my baby with MY baby spoons, I thought I’d post a pic. Each of my children got fed with these spoons, and I’m going to pass them on to my grandchildren. They don’t make Stainless Steel like this anymore! Plus I really like Mickie and Minnie Mouse!


Before my Dad passed away, he gave this Rocking chair and horse to Marissa, my oldest daughter. This weekend, while I was cleaning out Katelyn’s room, I looked at how old (considering my Dad would be 62 this year, and April marks the 10th Anniversary of his Death), and well used they’d gone through 3 of my kids, and needed to be redone. I asked my husband to sand them down and prime them for me, so I can stencil them with butterflies or hearts for Lindsay! I’ll post a pic of them when I get them all prettied up.

I saw Stacy’s fridge, and I didn’t take this picture today, I took it for a T13 of mine back in October, it hasn’t changed much. I still have lots of coloring pages, pics and lots of magnets covering it. The freezer is on the bottom, which is really nice since I’m short.

My Valentine’s goodies arrived from CO today from Debby. The chocolate she sent was from a local Cholcolatier in CO. Thank you so much Debby for all the cute Valentine goodies. The candle smells really good, and Katelyn my 3yo loves the Monkey! That will be my pic tomorrow!

If you look close enough my husband tie has a bottle of champagne on it. I love this frame.

Click HERE for a closeup!

My husband made this toddler bed for one of the secratary’s grandson, that he works with.

Katelyn’s my Girly Girl. She loves everything Pink, and Dora, so when I saw this at Home Depot I thought it would go perfect in her room!

I wanted to remember Marissa’s room as a pre-teen. Before she starts hanging posters of Teen idols, famous rock stars and teen heart throbs cover her wall.