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Since last week was Spring break, I’m cheating and posting Seven pictures from last week’s trip to California.

Josh at Newport Beach, CA!

One of the Lions at the San Diego Wild Animal Park!

One of my husband’s Aunts (he has 5), Josh and Katelyn at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Katelyn petting a deer.

I absolutely LOVE Bird of Paradise, and this was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

“Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.” -Oscar Levant   




Josh’ had a great day bowling yesterday! In two games he had 2 strikes and 5 spares. His first game he bowled a 95, and the second one you can see he did 107. His best is 108, so he almost beat his high game. In copying Marianne again, I hope that’s OK, following my ‘Green’ Theme, here’s a pic of my bowling ball, just waiting to be back on a leauge again!



Snowball is my son Josh’s cat. He loves to sleep in Josh’s bed, and he loves to sleep on Josh’s head  pillow. Which in the morning he has completely taken over Josh’s bed. He follows Josh all around the house, and even tells Josh when it’s time to go to bed. Every night around 8:45. He has the best tempermant and is so lovable.

This is a pic of Josh’s insulin pump. He uses this to give himself his insulin, instead of  6 injections daily. It has been a life saver, and made our lives so much easier. He needs to wear this 24/7. The only times he takes it off, are when he takes a shower, swims in the pool, or when he starts playing any kind of sports. He’s gotten used to it. When he first got it, it was really hard for him to sleep with it.

I wanted to capture part of this day to remind me of the time he took a nap. Since Josh rarely takes naps, maybe once every 6 mos. He took a good hour nap.

Those scratches on his forehead are from his older sister. They were wrestling, and she has such beautiful long nails, that she accidentally scratched him.

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