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This is a nightstand my husband made out of Texas Mesquite from Austin,TX. He sprayed clear laquer and gloss on it. That’s the natural color of the wood. I really like the rustic look of it. Our neighbor told my husband to make 2 more and take them down to Scottsdale to see if some of the Western furniture stores might want to buy them.



Before my Dad passed away, he gave this Rocking chair and horse to Marissa, my oldest daughter. This weekend, while I was cleaning out Katelyn’s room, I looked at how old (considering my Dad would be 62 this year, and April marks the 10th Anniversary of his Death), and well used they’d gone through 3 of my kids, and needed to be redone. I asked my husband to sand them down and prime them for me, so I can stencil them with butterflies or hearts for Lindsay! I’ll post a pic of them when I get them all prettied up.

My husband made this toddler bed for one of the secratary’s grandson, that he works with.

This is the display case my husband is making and is just about finished with for a Restaurant here in the Valley. If you look closer you can see my patio that needs to be cleaned off, and the weeds that need to be pulled!